I am a multi-disciplinary designer who seeks to exploit objects and systems to shape a new way of experiencing the world and how we situate ourselves within it. Producing alternative future scenarios and social critiques that contextualise issues, promote change, intervention and act as a foundation for innovation. I address current political issues and general social-environmental uncertainties in my work and interests. My process consists of contemporary research, with outputs in fashion, digital media, graphics, interventions, prints, film and various other practices.

All design acts as a speculation, as we materialise possible futures through product, intervention or art. Whether a predictable future or a distant one, every piece of design has social, environmental and political ripples on the future of our world. All product design is speculative of world in which that objects is used. Therefore, proving that all design acts with the future in mind, this is just on different scales.  The predictable future is and has, for many years, been driven by exploitation of materials, energy and the capitalist aims for productivity. I enjoy alternative futures where progress and innovation is prompted by other factors, including the environment, technology and equality.

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